The Next Golden Decade of Future Computing Architecture
Open Source X Innovation X Business Opportunities

RISC-V decreases the difficulty of CPU development and shortens the development cycle due to several key advantages, such as being open source, extensible, modular. In recent years, the RISC-V instruction set has grown at incredible speeds. More than 1400 companies from 70 different countries around the world have joined RISC-V International, 93 of which are chip design companies that have launched products using RISC-V architecture. It’s been estimated that within the next decade, RISC-V will become one of the most important instruction sets in the world!

RISC-V Taipei Day has been held annually for the past 3 years in Taipei. The host, RISC-V Taiwan Alliance (RVTA), is creating a platform for global and Taiwanese semiconductor firms to collaborate and explore future opportunities. RISC-V is not only the future of chip architecture but will also affect the development and outlook of the entire semiconductor industry.

Date: October 12
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm CST