Phison Electronics has made continuous efforts to implement ESG and green supply chain, and signed a ten-year green power purchase agreement with Foxwell Power, committed to energy conservation, carbon reduction and sustainable development of the earth.

Foxwell Power Chairman HUI-SEN HU (胡惠森) stated in the signing ceremony that Phison has made advance deployment and reached a ten-year green power purchase agreement. At the same time, it is emphasized that the proportion of renewable energy in Taiwan's energy policy goal will be increased to 20% by 2025. Currently, export industries such as semiconductors, motors, electronics, etc. are increasingly demanding green power. This green power transaction with Phison also represents Phison's care and attention to the earth's environment, which is admirable.

K.S.Pua, chairman of Phison Electronics, also emphasized in the ceremony that the total green power purchase this time is about 14 million kWh, which can reduce about 7,159 metric tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), which is equivalent to planting 5,956.16 million trees and can supply about 4,014 households with electricity for one year. In addition, after this green power procurement cooperation, the proportion of renewable energy in Phison will reach more than 10%, and in the future, it will move towards the goal of RE100 (renewable energy 100%).

These data not only represent Phison’s implementation of the green supply chain, but also Phison’s commitment to ESG and the sustainability of the planet. In the future, Phison will continue to focus on energy conservation and carbon reduction issues, and through continuous advancement from the inside out, it hopes to work together for the goal of "zero carbon emissions" for Taiwan and the earth.