Taiwan IOT Technology and Industry Association (TwIoTA) held the third session of the first meeting of members and Board of Directors on December 15, 2022. The event was held concurrently with the chairman and board of directors’ election. A total of 17 directors and 5 supervisors were elected in the event and Alex Wang, President of Powerchip Technology of PSMC was unanimously elected as the association’s chairman.

Since its establishment 6 years ago, TwIoTA has organized over 100 events with more than 10,000 participants; even through the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 and 2021. TwIoTA also cooperated with other associations including: Taiwan Precision Medicine Society (TPMS), Taiwan Smart Textile Association (tsta), Taiwan Glora Alliance (GloRa), Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry (TADPI), and Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association (TADA) to promote cross-industry application of IoT technology and assist the government in formulating relevant national standards for IoT, smart grids, and other related smart technologies.

IoT will be the Cornerstone of Various Cross-Industry Applications

As the elected chairman, Mr. Alex Wang stated in his speech that TwIoTA was established 6 years ago under the leadership of the first chairman, Mr. Frank Huang who is now the Honorary Chairman of the association. At the time, IoT was still considered an emerging technology and now in 2022, IoT and its extension, Internet of Everything (IoE) have become commonplace and have enabled various innovative cross-industry applications.

In the future, TwIoTA will focus on cross-industry applications such as smart manufacturing, smart medical care, disaster prevention & relieve, as well as metaverse. TwIoTA will also pay attention to further developments of RISC-V based architecture which is expected to be adopted in more semiconductors in the near future.