2022 RISC-V Taipei Day

2022 saw the rise of RISC-V designs adoption as companies ranging from Intel to Renesas, Andes Technology (a Taiwan based RISC-V IP leader), and more adopt the designs for their next-gen high end automotive solutions. This trend is expected to grow even further as IC Insights forecasted the global MCU sales to reach a record high of USD 21.5 Billion in 2022 with automotive MCU segment growth expected to outpace most of the other end-use categories.

This year, the RISC-V Taipei Day will target on Net Zero Emissions with focus on electric and autonomous vehicles. The forum will invite international and domestic experts share their insights on RISC-V and how the flexibility and scalability of RISC-V can help in the diverse development of automotive systems and solutions. Join us as we welcome the possibilities of high-end RISC-V automotive solutions.



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Opening Remarks

Alex Wang|President, Powerchip Technology (Chairman, RISC-V Taiwan Alliance)

Welcome Remarks

Jo-ann Su|Senior Director - Business Development, Strategic Partnership, Sales and Marketing, SEMI Taiwan

Keynote:RISC-V Everywhere

Calista Redmond|CEO, RISC-V International

Hear from Calista Redmond, RISC-V CEO on the unprecendented global momentum, cross industry adoption, and profound innovation acceleration of RISC-V. We'll highlight the driving opportunity, diminished barriers to engagement, and stakeholders around the world that have compelled RISC-V to be the fastest growth ISA of our time. RISC-V is truly everywhere and on course to underpin the full spectrum of computing for generations to come.

Keynote:RISC-V Trend is Unbeatable

Frankwell Lin|Chairman and CEO, Andes Technology (Board of Director, RISC-V International)

Worldwide members' number of RISC-V International Association keeps growing. From CPU, SoC, eco-systems to system application development expanded to almost all applications you can imagine, RISC-V is now one of three major mainstreams of computing architecture. Industrial observers named RISC-V the major trend of computing architectures, sharing top rank with Intel and ARM for coming decades. In this keynote, such trend will be reviewed from various aspects, such as ISA development, strategic development in worldwide markets, and expansion in emerging applications. RISC-V application in emerging applications will be highlighted, especially for automotive application. The conclusion with survey is, RISC-V trend is unbeatable.

Invited Speaker: Intel Investments in the RISC-V Ecosystem

Gary Martz|Sr. Director, Intel Foundry Services, RISC-V Enablement

RISC-V will be the next major compute solution. There is tremendous momentum and the community of RISC-V developers has been established. Intel is excited to join this community and share our plans to invest in the technologies and partnerships to help RISC-V achieve commercial success.

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How RISC-V Helps Your Competitors

Dr. Charlie Su|President and CTO, Andes Technology

As RISC-V architecture continues to expand and its membership continues to rise, RISC-V ecosystem is growing in an unprecedented speed. In this talk, we will examine a wide range of RISC-V applications from mobile, AIOT, storage, 5G networks to datacenters, and how RISC-V solutions, including architecture and processor features, help driving its fast adoptions. It is very likely that your applications (and your competitors) have already benefited from RISC-V. Perhaps, you should leverage RISC-V too.

SiFive RISC-V Processors for Automotive and Safety Critical Applications

Tommy Lin|Senior Manager, Product Marketing, SiFive

Today's SoC's for autonomous driving and other mission critical applications employ heterogeneous architectures consisting of application processors, vision and communication DSPs, and AI accelerators; each with different ISAs, toolchains, and levels of functional safety and security. Semiconductor suppliers to these markets will greatly benefit from the simplicity of a single ISA capable of addressing the performance requirements of these varied processor blocks, whose openness facilitates achieving high levels of both functional safety and secure computing. In this presentation, SiFive will discuss its automotive initiatives including its first ASIL-ready processor and its roadmap that will deliver an end-to-end portfolio of safety-capable RISC-V IP with all necessary features for future automotive applications.


IMG RTXM-2200:Imagination’s first Licensable RISC-V Catapult CPU

James Syu|Senior Principal and Application Engineer, Imagination Technologies

We are excited to announce the launch of IMG RTXM-2200, the first RISC-V core from Imagination’s Catapult CPU family. RTXM-2200 is a 32-bit real-time embedded RISC-V CPU which is highly scalable and feature-rich with a flexible design suitable for a wide range of high-volume devices.

RTXM-2200 is the ideal real-time core for packet management, storage controllers, networking, SoC helper cores and smart metering. Built using the same high-quality approach used to build our world-class GPU and NNA IP, it represents our first step on our path to fully heterogeneous solutions.

By joining this webinar, you will:
• Get an overview of Imagination and its product range,
• Learn what IMG RTXM-2200 is and its benefits and applications
• Understand the benefits of choosing an Imagination Catapult RISC-V CPU.

Creating Power-Efficient Embedded Solutions with PolarFire® SoC FPGA

Vishakh Rayapeta|Senior Technical Staff Engineer, FPGA Applications, Microchip Technology Inc.

PolarFire® SoC FPGA, the first RISC-V based SoC FPGA in the Industry, enables thermally elegant designs with defense grade security built for IoT. PolarFire® SoC FPGA adds simultaneous deterministic real-time application and rich Linux® OS capabilities to its portfolio of mid-range FPGAs. In this presentation we showcase four demonstrations, three of them are based on Linux and cover topics like H.264, OpenVX and Asymmetric Multiprocessing. The last demo showcases a RISC-V based bare metal embedded vision demo.

From DIGITIMES Asia perspective of IC 50: RISC-V Development in an Era of Great Power Competition

Tom Lo ∣ Analyst and Research Manager, DIGITIMES

Asia Pacific possesses a key position in the semiconductor industry. DIGITIMES categorize the top 50 key players, then observes Asia’s semiconductor’s circumstances, including competitivity and advantages, plus changes in semiconductor industries in the sub-fields (equipment, design, manufacturing, packaging, etc). Through three major discoveries of China’s semiconductor industry, clearly that China’s semiconductor industry is on the rise. Since US’s strategy to continue restrain China’s technology developments have caused them shift focus on advancing RISC growth. This also meant RISC-V position in China’s technology industry will be more extensive and considerable.

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